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Use the information below to subscribe or unsubscribe from the community's "Inspirational Message" and/or "Community Announcement" distribution lists. Your e-mail address will never be sold, rented, or given to anyone outside of CCEC.

What are the lists all about?
We maintain two separate lists. CCEC members can sign up for either list, or both lists if desired. The "CCEC Announcement List" is used to communicate messages of interest to our Emmaus community members. Such messages would include reminders of upcoming monthly gatherings, monthly newsletter posting, prayer concerns of interest to the whole community, etc.

The "Inspirational Message" list has inspiring stories and devotionals sent out most weekdays. Actual examples of things we send out can be found here.

Anyone can sign up for the daily devotionals but only CCEC members can subscribe to community announcements.

Great!   How do I sign up?

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